Breaking Free From The 9 - 5 With Fabulous Princess Parties

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Here is What You'll Learn

5-ways to start on a tight budget

Discover alternative ways to get started without leasing a space

What you can expect from The Princess Party Coach

We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Simply apply our lessons and you’ll grow your business.

What makes Princess Parties so much fun?

 Your work should bring you happiness, not take it. You can bring others joy through princess parties.

See why Princess Parties may be right for you

You may be challenged by not wanting to choose between a career and motherhood or by needing a second income.

Why are Princess Parties so financially rewarding?

Replace your salary or add to your income. You can add thousands of dollars per month working fewer hours.

Learn a flexible way to support the family

Thinking about hiring people? FREE Download reveals the ULTIMATE six figure a month accountability chart with every position, roll and pay structure.


About Lisa Rose

Let me share with you two decades of making lots of little girls (and

Moms) very happy, and all the wisdom, failures, lessons,

and successes that came with it.

I've used my experience with over 7,000 Princess Parties to help hundreds of women start their own successful party businesses.

You can break free from the 9-5 grind and find fulfillment with a proven model for a small party business that can be done 3 days a week, allowing you to reclaim your time, improve your finances, and do work that makes you happy!

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